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Transport Allowance Analysis- Before and After 7th Pay Commission

7th Pay Commission Transport Allowance – Confederation Karnataka Branch compares transport allowance payable to Central Government Employees before and after implementation of 7th Pay Commission

An analysis of comparison of the transport allowances of 6th CPC and 7th CPC .


7th Pay Commission – Madhya Pradesh सरकार की गलती से बिगड़ा साढ़े 6 लाख कर्मचारियों का गणित

7th Pay Commission – Madhya Pradesh सरकार की गलती से बिगड़ा साढ़े 6 लाख कर्मचारियों का गणित

भोपाल।मध्यप्रदेश (Madhya Pradesh) सरकार के वित्त विभाग की एक गलती से सरकारी कर्मचारियों का महंगाई भत्ता कम कर देने से करीब साढ़े छह लाख कर्मचारियों का हिसाब किताब गड़बड़ा गया है। पहले वे बढ़े हुए सात फीसदी महंगाई भत्ते (डीए) के हिसाब से अपनी सैलरी का अनुमान लगा रहे थे। अचानक सरकार ने इसे बड़ी चूक मांगते हुए चार फीसदी कर कर दिया गया। कर्मचारियों को लगे इस झटके के बाद से वे अब तक नाराज हैं।

No More Hike in Basic Pay, Allowances Under 7th CPC

The government has notified higher allowances, under the 7th Pay Commission, for its 4.8 million employees and 5.2 million pensioners. The government approved the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission on salary hike of the central government employees in June last year.

7th Pay Commission Travelling and Daily Allowance (TA/DA)– Approved by cabinet

7th Pay Commission TA DA – List of Allowances Covered while on Travel and cadre-wise eligibility – Committee’s recommendation and Government approval.

7th Pay Commission TA DA – Allowances allowed relating to Travel.

7th Pay Commission TA DA – Travelling and Daily Allowance are payable to Government Employees who are on official tour subject to certain conditions.

The analysis and recommendations of 7th Pay Commission as far as this reimbursement is concerned is as follows.

Daily Allowance

Concerned Ministries advised to issue Orders on Allowances - PIB

 The Central Government’s decision on recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) on Allowances published in Gazette of India yesterday i.e. 6th July, 2017; All allowances are given effect from 1st July 2017;


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