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Cut-Off age to Borad level appointment in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs)

Cut-Off age to Board level appointment in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs)

Department of Public Enterprises OM F.No.18(2)/2017-MGMT dated 23.02.2017


Government of India

Ministry of Heavy Industrial and Public Enterprises

Department of Public Enterprises

Public Enterprises Bhavan,

Block No.14, CGO Complex,

सातवें वेतन आयोग की सिफारिश : ग्रेच्युटी सीमा 20 लाख तक करने के प्रस्ताव पर सभी सहमत

7th Pay Commission – संगठित क्षेत्र के कर्मचारी जल्दी ही 20 लाख रुपये तक के कर मुक्त ग्रेच्युटी के लिये पात्र होंगे. केंद्रीय श्रमिक संगठनों ने श्रम मंत्रालय के साथ त्रिपक्षीय विचार-विमर्श में प्रस्ताव पर सहमति जतायी है. यूनियनों ने ग्रेच्युटी के भुगतान के लिये प्रतिष्ठान में कम-से-कम 10 कर्मचारियों के होने तथा न्यूनतम पांच साल की सेवा की शर्तों को हटाने की मांग की है.

7th Pay Commission – Committee on Allowances submits HRA report to Government

The Committee on Allowances, headed by Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa has submitted its report on Housing Rent Allowance (hra) to the government, reports NDTV. The submission of report further paves the way for government to implement the hike in allowances as per the revised recommendations of 7th Pay Commission. The date of allowance hike is expected to be April 1. Centre is expected to make the announcement after the five-state elections conclude on March 8.

3rd Pay Revision Committee Report for CPSE (Central Public Sector Enterprise) Employees

Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) – 3rd Pay Revision Committee Report


The Government of India appointed the 3rd Pay Revision Committee on 9.6.2016 and the committee was assigned the time-frame to submit its recommendation within a period of six months from the date of its constitution.

Now 3rd Pay Revision Committee Report headed by Justice Dr. Satish Chandra has been submitted to Govt

The resolution in this regard passed by Govt is as follows

7th Pay Commission Pay for Tamilnadu State Government Employees – Committee formed

Tamil Nadu Government has decided to constitute a 5 Member Committee for Implementation of 7th Pay Commission Recommendations to TN State Employees


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