Finance Ministry Inspectors Furious over 7th Pay Commission Recommendation

On an average the Inspectors of various departments of finance ministry bring revenue to the Government to the tune of around 7000 crores in a year.

The Inspectors attached to the finance ministry are not happy with the 7th pay commission recommendations, however they are more furious that their voice has not been listened by their higher officials and by the empowered Committee of Secretaries as well. The agitated inspectors claim that since independence this will be the first time they will be drawing less salary than inspectors attached to other ministries, thanks to the 7th pay commission, they say.

The 7th pay commission has recommended only replacement scale for Income Tax, Central Excise and Customs and Service Tax department which works under finance ministry. In other words, 7th pay commission has proposed the revised pay only on the basis of their present grade pay which is Rs.4600 for these Officers. However for CBI, IB, and Delhi Police inspectors etc 7th pay Commission has recommended revised pay on the basis of upgraded grade pay of Rs.4800.  Presently, CBI, IB, and Delhi Inspectors are getting a grade pay of Rs. 4600 at par with Central Excise, Customs and Income Tax Inspectors.

Inspectors working under the Ministry of Finance feel that the 7th Pay Commission recommendations not only reduces their salary but also breaks their morale, because till date they have been treated equally with their ranks in other departments, however the 7th CPC recommendation makes them inferior, though in the same rank.

Ashok Kumar Knnojia, representing the Group B and Group C employees in the IT department said they are more pained by the response of their own higher officials than the 7th pay commission. He said, though the 7th pay commission did injustice to us, our own higher officials who should have raised the voice strongly lost in presenting our plight to the empowered Committee.

As per Mr. Ashok Kumar, they were unable to get an appointment to meet their own department secretary. After a big struggle he did meet him and expressed the plight of the inspectors, however Mr. Ashok said, till date there is no positive response.

There are more than 32,000 inspectos working in Income Tax, Central Excise and Customs and Service Tax department which comes under finance ministry.

Source: Amarujala

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